Capture of U505, Officers from USS Guadalcanal in the conning tower of the captured U505 with American Flag flying. From left to right Commander Trosino Captain Gallery and Lt Albert David. June 4 1944


Voici des photos couleurs de bombardiers américain ainsi que des équipages en 1942. La dernière photo montre Margaret Bourke-White, elle est la photographe de cette série pour le magazine LIFE.

Dem railway gunzzzz.


A British sniper, Private Sutcliffe, seated at a window of a house in Caen watching for enemy snipers through telescopic sights.


It’s just history repeating… how quickly we forget the lessons of the past.

Propaganda posters from the US during WWII to encourage the population to keep financing the war effort.


A Japanese Kamikaze pilot solemnly ties his bandana before taking off.


Army WLA without the packs

(George Strock. 1941)